Rollators in White Plains, NY

A rollator is a four-wheeled or three-wheeled equipment with brakes for those people who need minor assistance when walking. People with limited arm strength especially the elderly and those who have suffered difficulty lifting and operating a standard walker will enjoy the benefits the rollator brings. Unlike wheelchairs, rollators provide improved speed, decreased clumsiness and greater maneuverability.

Rollators features include an integrated storage pouch for storage, flip-down or fixed seat for the user to sit on when fatigued and proper wheels. Its a great equipment for trips and people who do not want to be slowed down by their mobility. This equipment is simple to use because you are only required to push. Unlike walker or a wheelchair, a rollator is more advanced due to its qualities and capabilities.

To offer balance and comfort, this equipment have been designed uniquely. First, it has a two front wheel that easily swivels and rear fixed wheels. It features a hand brake, as well as a locking featureThe locking feature helps the user to lock the rollator and make sure it doesn't move when user is getting up from their chair.

This equipment is effective because they provide support for people who lack balance, endurance and strength. Older people get tired easily and find this equipment helpful.

Common Features:

Although there are various types of rollators, the following are some of the common features that can be found in all.

· Large wheels- large wheels over 8” help the user to easily push the rollators over uneven ground.

· Padded seat- most people love a large padded seat for resting.

· Collapsible Pouch- while some prefer baskets, most people go for collapsible pouch. A pouch is simple to use and can be folded and stored easily compared to baskets

· Large adjustable range- there are various range to suit people with different heights.

· Easy to fold- it makes it simple to fold and store when travelling.

Call or come by our store in White Plains for more information on our rollator selection.

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